Gyms 4 Golfers (G4G)

About Gyms 4 Golfers (G4G)

G4G is now offering foundation memberships. Numbers are strictly limited to 100 players (members) at our Hunter St facility. Secure your spot at Sydney's first and only dedicated gym for golfers. Join now by choosing one of the packages below. We offer a number of membership packages ranging from Chopper, Rory, Bryson or our Tiger package. Choose a package that suits your budget and commitment levels. We offer pay by the month plans or commit to a 12 or 24 month agreement term to receive additional benefits and significant discounts for 1-1 Coaching Note: All our membership plans (except Visitor) includes a $100 once-off Joining Fee. This will be payable when you visit G4G to complete your new member induction session.


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